winfield consulting


Compensation Plans

"We were very impressed with the team at Winfield as they helped us revise our compensation plan to reward the organic growth we are looking for. Not only did they guide us through the necessary modeling exercises, but they gave us excellent tools for implementation that really helped us launch the refinements to our field. We would recommend the Winfield team to anyone considering a compensation plan change!"
Gail Gioffredi and Lynae Parrott, Managing Directors, Gold Canyon

Optimizing Field Performance

"Winfield has helped us realign our home office sales structure so they are working in greater partnership with field leaders to achieve great growth. We have experienced real success in recruiting and promotion, and Winfield is the reason."
John Wyckoff, CEO, Dove Chocolate Discoveries

Business Valuation

"Winfield has helped us enormously in presenting our business to investors who want to do participate in the direct selling industry, but don’t know how to value a company. There are no direct multiples in this industry, but Winfield knows how to translate our model into traditional financial paradigms."
Loren Castronuovo, CMO, EVP Sales, Ahni & Zoe

Field Research

"Winfield’s research is unsurpassed at delving into the issues the field is facing. Their familiarity with the business helps them cut to the chase, and helped us reorient our Representatives to what really drives sales."
Tom Kelly, CEO, Silpada

Executive Coaching

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Jim Northrop and Winfield consulting. I've known Jim for nearly 15 years. Northrop is a well respected leader in the direct selling industry and is one of the few CEO's to ever turn around a large direct selling company. Further, he brings the important perspective of having led consumer products companies in multiple channels I consider Jim a trusted leader in our industry as well as a trusted friend."
Brian Connolly

I've had the pleasure of working with Jim Northrop as a DSA Board of Directors Member, Board Chairman and Chair of numerous association committees for the past 17 years.  Jim chaired our Strategic Planning Committee and developed our crucial five-year 2015 Long Range   Strategic Plan.  He did a great job of both leading and facilitating the work of the Planning Committee and the Board to arrive at consensus regarding the direction for the Association and then personally prepared a cogent and thorough plan which was enthusiastically adopted by the Board and has become the blueprint for focusing the efforts of the Association during this critical time for our industry. Jim joined the Direct Selling industry after a successful career in consumer package goods and retail.  He has learned the dynamics of the direct selling business model well during his tenure as CEO in both party plan and network marketing companies in our industry. He brought an added dimension to our industry through his understanding of numerous business models and had the vision to create, adapt and meld successful strategies based on his understanding of various direct selling, retail and direct marketing  models as well as the all important people who populate them. I've found Jim not only to have a thorough understanding of how direct selling works but the ability to explain and apply those principals to a variety of situations. At Winfield, Jim has developed a team of individuals who have both functional expertise and a depth of experience in direct selling. He and his team understand the unique nature of a distribution channel that markets through more than 75 million independent contractors in 175 countries, with over 80% being women primarily working part-time. That is not an easy task but Jim has done it. I wholeheartedly recommend Jim and Winfield Consulting as a support system in helping direct selling management teams to assess their issues and opportunities and create plans to realize their potential.    
Neil H. Offen