winfield consulting

About Winfield Consulting

Winfield Consulting specializes in the Direct Selling Industry. The professionals at Winfield collectively have over fifty years of experience in management of direct selling enterprises during start up, high growth, turnaround and maturity. The principals have experience in both Party Plan and Network Marketing companies and have orchestrated implementation of turn around strategies, repositioning, new compensation plans, geographic expansion, capital infusions, restructuring and exit strategies.

Our approach is to collaborate with management to evaluate the specific situation, issues and opportunities at an enterprise so as to appropriately apply analytics and knowledge to develop custom solutions to achieve objectives.

From experience, we understand that the direct selling/network marketing business model is unlike any other. To be successful one must balance a combination of rich rewards for representatives with core economics for the company that will drive profits and cash flow and ROI as the business grows. Further, direct selling businesses are culturally driven and need to provide appropriate emotional and psychological rewards to retain commitment of field organizations, at the same time that management maintains control of key business variables. Finally, the consultants at Winfield grasp that your distributors are not only your distribution channel but your medium to get your message to customers placing extreme requirements on marketing execution to be simple, clear, cogent and compelling.

These unique components of direct sales mandate special skill bases in marketing, sales, operations and finance in order for the enterprise to thrive, and these dynamics must be thoroughly understood across the full management team.

If you are a startup company looking to launch your future, a mid-size company looking to make a mid-course correction to grow faster, or a large organization with complex issues between a significant home office and an even larger and dynamic field organization Winfield is the right choice for you. Our consultants have a unique experience based perspective on direct selling, and a thoroughly tested approach to mold our knowledge and approach to your specific opportunities and problems.