winfield consulting

The Winfield Consulting Approach

In our experience, companies in direct selling find themselves in one or several of the following situations as they progress through their growth cycle.
  1. Successful Growing Company; Thinking through what's next before there is a need for corrective action as a result of a slowdown. Keeping the train in motion
  2. Contemplating a compensation plan change due to a slowdown in momentum
  3. Aging, in place leadership, not performing corrective actions needed—"you can't fire me I made the Company what it is."
  4. The model isn't right... not enough margin, compensation plan payout too high or overhead is ahead of the growth—hence not delivering profit.
  5. Desire to expand into new markets—Hispanic or other International markets... how do I begin what is the process?
  6. Events? Are they really necessary, do they deliver results, how do I measure their effectiveness?
  7. Need for additional growth Capital—how do I attract investors, how do I show ROI to investors, who do I tell my story to?
  8. Can't quite get to profitability in spite of strong growth, overheads keep growing faster than the top line, how I get the costs in line without hurting the momentum of the business?
  9. I have smart executives but they don't have experience in Direct Sales, I have hired other consultants and I still don't get results. I need experienced Direct Selling executives that are vested in the success of my business—where do I go to build my talent pool?

Our consultants have not only observed but experienced, addressed and identified ways of dealing with and capitalizing on each of these situations. Our methodology is to work closely with management through an informed process to together build solutions, strategies and action plans for long term success through the following process.
  • Assessment: evaluate the current situation and the history and culture of the enterprise.
  • Benchmark: compare against best companies and practices in the Industry
  • Core: based on core strengths and competencies establish key opportunities and issues
  • Define: goals and/or objectives to drive improved performance
  • Execute: develop a specific plan to achieve target goals- map a possible route to the goals/objectives